Assessing Feasibility

Remote work is a highly effective form of social distancing, but only some employees can work remotely, while others could if equipment is available and others cannot telecommute at all given their job functions.

The following guidance can help you make a determination as to whether telecommuting for a specific employee/position is operationally feasible.

  • Consult Your Department’s Continuity Plan
    A UC Ready plan is a best practice and since the core activities of teaching, research, and public service are performed at the department level, planning to resume your business after an emergency should begin at the department level.
  • Secure approvals necessary to reduce on-site staffing
    Make sure you comply with any departmental, policy or regulatory requirements, as well as minimum coverage/staffing levels and service hours.
  • Consult some experts
  • Review technology needs and resources
    Determine whether the tools and resources employees use to complete their work, will be available to them remotely. Review some available Telework Tech Tools for communication and collaboration.
  • Understand relevant policies
    Understand relevant policies which identify positions that are designated to serve during an emergency.