UC Davis Student Parent Child Care Grant Program

The WorkLife office, in coordination with Graduate Studies and the Financial Aid office, offers limited grants to students with dependent children to assist with childcare expenses.

As of March 18th, we are ONLY accepting Spring 2024 applications.
(Summer 2024 and AY 24-25 applications will become available by the beginning of July)
For Postdoctoral Scholars:
Please visit the UC Davis Graduate Studies website for more information:

Please send all inquiries to: gsacadpers@ucdavis.edu.

The UC Davis Child Care Grant program consists of two grants which are designed to partially defray student families' actual childcare expenses.   

The Graduate Student Child Care Grant (GSCCG) is available to Graduate and Professional students, while the Community Based Care Grant (CBCG) is available to all students identified with financial and situational need.

Award amounts range between $900-$2100 depending on program and eligibility.

On this page, you will find:

Please read through all provided documents before contacting our office.
All program inquiries should be directed to our program email address: studentchildcaregrants@ucdavis.edu

Please note: This email address is monitored Monday through Thursday between 7:30am to 5:00pm and Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Your patience in receiving our reply is appreciated.  

Student Parent Child Care Grant Handbook

Please read through the entire handbook to learn about the complexities of the two programs offered by WorkLife: 

Student-Parent Childcare Grant Handbook

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The Graduate Student Child Care Grant Fact Sheet

For eligibility requirements, grant amounts and how to apply, please read the:
Graduate Student Childcare Grant (GSCCG) Fact Sheet

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The Community Based Care Grant Fact Sheet

For eligibility requirements, grant amounts, how it supplements the GSCCG, and how to apply, please read the:
Community Based Care Grant (CBCG) Fact Sheet

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Applications by Student Status

Once you have read through the Handbook and separate Fact Sheets, and know which grant(s) you are eligible to receive, select your Student Status below to access the applicable application:
     - Graduate/Professional Student
     - Undergraduate Student

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Graduate/Professional Student

Graduate or Professional students are eligible to apply for the Graduate Student Childcare Grant (GSCCG) AND the Community Based Care Grant (CBCG)

Select the required application below, download the fillable PDF Form and complete all sections. Sign and date the application, and then have your childcare provider sign and date the application. Save the fully executed application as a PDF document. Gather your supporting documents, as noted on the application, and follow the directions below to securely submit your application.

I want to apply for the Graduate Student Childcare Grant:

For the summer terms, complete the:

  • 2023 Summer Graduate/Professional Student GSCCG Application 

For the 2023-24 Academic Year (Fall, Winter, Spring), complete the:

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I want to apply for the Community Based Care Grant, as 

  1. I have both financial and situational need or
  2. I have both financial and situational need AND I am in a self-supporting graduate program.

For Resident students, complete the:

For International students, complete the:

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are eligible for the Community Based Care Grant (CBCG)

Select the required application below, download the fillable PDF Form and complete all sections. Sign and date the application, and then have your childcare provider sign and date the application. Save the fully executed application as a PDF document. Gather your supporting documents, as noted on the application, and follow the directions below to securely submit your application.

To apply for SUMMER, complete the:

  • 2023 Summer Undergraduate Student CBCG Application

To apply for the 2023-24 Academic Year (Fall, Winter, Spring), complete the:

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Application Submission Process:

Once your application has been completed and signed by all parties and you have collected all your supporting documents, either save everything to your computer as a PDF, or take photos of your documents using your phone. 

We only accept applications through our Secure Submission Portal.

To ensure that your application is received and tracked correctly, once you have accessed the submission portal (linked below), follow these guidelines EXACTLY when completing the submission form:

FROM: your UC Davis email address
SUBJECT: your Last Name, First Name_Terms for which you are applying ("F" for Fall, "W" for Winter, and "S" for Spring. If applying for more than one term, please indicate which terms you are applying for; as an example, if Taylor Swift is applying for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, the subject line will read: Swift, Taylor_FWS)
MESSAGE: indicate your Student Status, Name or Type of Childcare Provider, and Application items attached; as an example: "I am an Undergraduate Student and my childcare provider is my neighbor, Susie. Attached are my Summer AND Academic year Applications, my child's birth certificate, and my 2023-24 FAFSA MyAwards page."
You can also use this space to provide any additional information you feel is important for us to process your grant application appropriately.

Then either drag and drop your files, or use the "+Add Files" button, to attach your application materials.

Click the "Send" button to submit your application.

The submission box is monitored:
Monday through Thursday from 7:30am - 5:00pm, and
Friday from 8:00am - 12:00pm

You will receive an email once we have downloaded your application. If you do not hear from us within one week of submission, please contact us at

TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION, click on the following link:

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Program Reminders

  • Self-Supporting Programs are not eligible for the GSCCG as these programs do not contribute to the monies that fund the program.
  • A verification of employment may be completed and signed by a supervisor and used in lieu of paystubs to verify employment for Adult/Parent 2 (unless self-employed) for CBCG.
  • Applications are processed on a rolling basis.
  • You must apply before the last day of instruction for the term for which you are requesting funds. (See applicable deadlines posted in the right banner of this webpage).
  • Expect processing to take up to 8-12 weeks.
  • Funds are deposited into your student account. As these grants are provided by UC Davis, the funds will be absorbed by any debt you may have in your account.
  • To expedite the receipt of funds, visit the Student Accounting webpage to setup direct deposit.
  • Grants are reportable income. You will need to access your 1098T from UC Davis when your award is posted.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you receive additional funding other than what is posted on your financial aid package at the time your application is processed, including but not limited to Departmental Awards, Fellowships, Stipends, Research or Teaching Assistantships (RA/TA), etc., these funds may affect the amount/eligibility of your Childcare Grant. To ensure accuracy and avoid additional billing or return of aid, report these additional resources by logging into MyAwards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is this a child credit?
  • NO. These funds are to be used to offset ACTUAL CHILDCARE EXPENSES only. These grants are intended to help with childcare costs so a student parent can pursue their education at UC Davis. If you do not incur childcare costs, you are not eligible for this grant. Also note, a childcare provider must be someone other than the child's parents or siblings under the age of 19.
  • Do I just apply for the current term?
  • We prefer that you apply for the entire year (July -June) in the Summer, if possible.  If that is not a possibility, we do accept applications by term. Please be sure to note your childcare provider and the amount you have contracted for care for all terms.
  • What are the defined terms?
  • For students on the quarter systemSummer is July, Aug, Sept. Fall is October, November, December.  Winter is January, February, March. Spring is April, May, June. 

    For students on the semester system:  Professional programs with usually no summer enrollment or ASE employment.  Fall is September, October, November, December. Spring is January, February, March, April, May. 
  • Can I receive funds for terms which have passed?
  • NO. You must apply before or during the term for which you are requesting funds. The last day we accept applications is the last day of instruction, as noted on the official University calendar.
  • What about summer terms?
  • Both grants are available for summer. Enrolled undergraduates must have a minimum of 6 credits for summer to qualify for CBCG. Graduate or Professional students must either be enrolled full time (12 units) or employed as an Academic Student Employee (AI, Reader, TA, Community Teaching Fellow, Remedial Tutor/Tutor) or a GSR (at least 25% appointment). The Summer Candel Workshop, fellowships, or outside internships are not considered employment for summer GSCCG.  
  • What is Filing Fee Status?
  • Filing Fee status is when a graduate student has completed all requirements for their degree except for filing a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation. Students may be funded for one term (GSCCG only) on Filing Fee.  Students are technically not enrolled in coursework while on filing fee status.  Please contact the WorkLife office right away if you go on filing fee as we need to override the Financial Aid system to ensure disbursement of grant funds.  
  • What is a Self-Supporting Program (SSP) and what does that mean for me?
  • A Self-supporting program is a graduate/professional program that does not pay into student fees so students in these programs are ineligible for GSCCG funds.  These students may be eligible for CBCG funds if they have both financial and situational need.  To apply, please submit both the GSCCG application (as it contains pertinent information) along with their CBCG application indicating SSP status on the applications.  HERE is a list of SSPs.
  • My family is expecting a baby during the academic year. When can I apply?
  • You must wait until the child is born to apply. If you have already applied/been approved for an existing child, you can simply add the new child when needing childcare. Note: Newborn care will be prorated from the first full week after birth.
  • How do I indicate that Adult/Parent 2 does not provide any support to my child?
  • Complete and sign the section on the CBCG application that indicates that Parent 2 does not financially contribute to the child(ren).
  • I'm applying for the financial and situational need-based grant, I have completed the FAFSA (or Dream Act Application) and Adult/Parent 2 is reflected on it (filed as married). Do I need to provide additional financial information?
  • NO. As long as both parents are included in the FAFSA we do not need additional financial information beyond the copy of your MyAwards Page or Dream Act report.  If Adult/Parent 2 is not reflected in the FAFSA or Dream Act we need verification of the financial support they provide for the care of the child for which you are applying.
  • Is there a second parent work or school requirement for the financial and situational need based grant (CBCG)?
  • YES. To  be eligible for the CBCG grant, the second parent/adult in the household must either work at least part-time (20 hours per week) or attend an accredited university/college at least part-time (6 units). Verification documents would include: paystubs to cover the most recent 30-days of employment, or a Verification of Employment completed by the supervisor, or a current enrollment form to verify student status.
  • I'm an International Student. Am I eligible?
  • Undergraduate Students:  Please contact WorkLife at studentchildcaregrants@ucdavis.edu.
    Graduate/Professional Students: There are no differences in eligibility for GSCCG for international students. International students, who are not eligible to complete a FAFSA or Dream Act application are still eligible to apply for CBCG but must complete an additional application specifically for International students.  In addition, they must provide a copy of their I-20 F-1 Visa, and if applicable, verification that adult/parent 2 in the household either works part-time or attends an accredited university/college at least part-time, a recent US tax return, and 6-month copies of all bank account statements. Additionally, International Students who have established funding for “Expenses of Dependents” as listed in their I-20, are not eligible, for those dependents, as they have established they have funding for dependents as part of their agreement. 

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