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Child Care Overview Recorded Webinar 

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Mental Wellness:

Workplace Wellness:

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UC Learning Management System:

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  • Achieve Productivity in your Personal Life (20 minutes)
  • Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead (22 minutes)
  • Developing Character for Perseverance and Resilience (60 minutes)
  • Essentials of Anger Management (24 minutes)
  • Prioritizing Personal and Professional Responsibilities (6 minutes)
  • Staying Balanced in a Shifting World (15 minutes)
  • Take a Deep Breath and Manage your Stress (22 minutes)
  • Telecommuting Basics: Maximizing Productivity as a Remote Employee (60 minutes)

LMS Manager-specific videos:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Positive Work Environment (60 minutes)
  • Employee Exhaustion: Managing a Well-balanced Workload (6 minutes)
  • Managing Workplace Stress (6 minutes)


  • U Penn Wharton School of Business - Work and Life Weekly Podcasts with Stew Friedman