The SSO Payroll Unit processes several types of payroll transactions:

  • Timesheet calculations (paper and electronic, TRS )
  • Process payroll transactions
  • Mandatory review of Payroll/Personnel transactions
  • Prepare Emergency Check requests for Central Payroll processing
  • Employee One time payments

Employee One Time Payments

The SSO Payroll Unit will process "Pre-Approved" One Time Payments for employees in client units.  Examples of One-Time Payments are:

Approval documentation must be attached to the request in order for SSO Payroll to process the payment. All employee payments will be processed on the employee's regular pay cycle (Biweekly or Monthly). 

To submit a request for processing:

From the AggieService Community Portal, please select and complete the Funding Changes/Payments request. In order for SSO to process payments by the requested date, it is recommended that the requests be submitted at least 15 days prior to the requested pay date.

If the payment is for an employee who does not work in the requestor's department, please provide a payroll contact for the employee's home department, as the SSO must first obtain alternate department access before processing the payment.

Additional Information: