Timekeeping & Payroll Processing

The SSO maintains timesheet information in the UC Davis Time Reporting System (TRS).

SSO Payroll provides the following TRS Services: 

  • Set up and maintain supervisor, schedule and compensatory information.
  • Return timesheets to supervisor.
  • Supervisor changes.
  • Inquiries regarding supervisor or employee access to TRS time sheets.
  • Assist with resolution of issues with TRS timesheets
  • Escalate TRS technical issues to the TRS Help Desk and facilitate resolution.
  • For additional information, please review the information on the TRS website.

TRS Timesheet Information:

  • If you use a timekeeping system other than TRS, please check with your supervisor or departmental business manager regarding updates.
  • Timesheets are automatically generated based on unit participation and PPS appointment.
  • Generally, it takes approximately 7-10 business days, after the date of hire, or PPS change, for a TRS timesheet to be available for use. During this time, it may be necessary for an employee to use a paper timesheet.
  • All TRS timesheets require a primary and back up supervisor. Depending on the employee bargaining unit, some timesheets may require a work schedule.

To Request Service:

To request a schedule or supervisor change in TRS, or to have a timesheet returned to the supervisor, please log into the AggieService Community Portal. Select Submit a Case, select the Payroll topic and complete the Timesheet Changes request.

Submit Paper Timesheet

  1. To submit a paper timesheet:
  2. Log into the AggieService Community Portal.
  3. Click Submit a Case, select the Payroll topic and then the Timesheet Changes request.
  4. Attach the completed paper timesheet to the request.
  5. Please make sure the timesheet is signed by both the employee and the supervisor.

Another option is email the completed, signed timesheet to aggieservice@ucdavis.edu.