Vacancy Management Program - UC Davis Health

Vacancy Management for staff positions at UC Davis Health ensures the best possible stewardship of our workforce.

Effective June 1, 2020, UC Davis Health implemented the Health Vacancy Management Program similar to the one rolled out on the Davis campus. We ask your support in modifying our approach to non-faculty hiring practices at UC Davis Health. Faced with financial uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to make critical decisions in the best interests of UC Davis Health and our patients; decisions that ensure the best possible stewardship of our workforce in order to sustain our mission. 

Principles of Health Vacancy Management Program

  • Ensure a strategic and consistent approach to organizational human resources planning and responsible financial stewardship.
  • All staff positions at UC Davis Health will be subject to this program.
  • Considerations for decision-making include:
    • Regulatory requirements. 
    • Process improvements and efforts to adjust work for efficiency purposes.
    • Alignment with UCDH strategic plan and direction.
    • Compliance with collective bargaining agreements.
    • Strategic use of resources. 

Details of Health Vacancy Management Program

  • Scope of Program
  • > All staff (non-academic) positions at UC Davis Health
    > Includes:
         - School of Medicine
         - School of Nursing
         - Ambulatory Operations
         - Clinical and non-clinical staff
         - Enterprise-wide functions under the direct purview of the Vice Chancellor of Health and Human Sciences, such as IT, Finance, Compliance  
  • Types of Positions Covered by Program
  • > New creation of positions
    >  Replacement of positions
    > Backfill of positions
  • Status of Positions Covered by Program
  • > Full-time
    > Part-time
    > Per diem
    > Temporary/TES
    > Short term/limited
    > Contract
  • Position Actions Covered by Program
  • > Recruitment
    > Reappointment
    > Extensions (greater than 6 months total)
    > Waiver of recruitment
    > Internal promotion
    > Rehire retiree

Process for Health Vacancy Review

In general, when the Department determines to fill a vacant position, the following process is utilized:

  1. Departments should continue their current internal review of vacancies, following current processes.
  2. Upon completion of the current internal review, the department’s designated contact for the Health Vacancy Management Program should submit a completed Health Vacancy Request Form and Organizational Chart to the Health Vacancy Management Program (VMP) Coordinator for requested vacancies.
  3. Health VMP Coordinator prepares vacancy requests received for the Health Vacancy Review Committee’s review and decision. 
  4. Health VMP Coordinator communicates decision to the department’s designated contact for the Health Vacancy Management Program.  
  5. Departments may request one reconsideration of a decision by the Health Vacancy Review Committee by providing additional supporting documentation in response to questions raised by the committee members.
  6. After reconsideration is determined, departments may escalate to Executive Review Team (Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Financial Officer) who will make a final determination.

Health Vacancy Review Committee

The role of the Health Vacancy Review Committee is to assess vacancy requests in alignment with the purposes and the principles of the Vacancy Management Guidelines.

Members of the Vacancy Review Committee will represent UC Davis Health as a whole, and will be balanced, thoughtful and objective in their duties.

  • Vacancy Review Committee Membership
  • Chair
    > Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, Ekta Vyas (Chair)


    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors’ Office, Nick Eversole
    Business Officer, Ambulatory Operations, Michael Schneider
    Director, IT Business Operations, Barbara Stanton
    Director, Hospital Operations, Henry Ilaga 
    Interim Asst. Dean for Strategic Priorities, SOM/SON, Jana Katz-Bell
    Director, Budget Planning and Analysis, Charles Sharp
    Chief of Staff, CFO’s Office, Zishan Mustafa
    Interim Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs and Exec. Director of UCDH Medical Group, Susan Murin, MD
    Executive Director, Talent and Rewards, Karmen Fittes


    Human Resources, Gladis Valladares


  • The Vacancy Management Program is effective June 1, 2020.  What should I do to extend an offer now?
  • Positions where an offer has been extended as of June 1, 2020 or earlier are not subject to the vacancy review process.  After June 1, 2020 the position must be approved by the Health Vacancy Review Committee before extending an offer.
  • Where do I start with the Health Vacancy Management Program?
  • Begin by looking at your current vacancies that are already in the recruitment process and determine which are critical to fill.

    If a position is not critical to recruit to, remove it from the recruitment process

    If a position is critical to recruit to, work with your HR Business Partner/Chief Administrative Officer to submit a Health Vacancy Recruitment Form to the Health Vacancy Recruitment Committee.
  • I am recruiting to a few positions right now, and they are in various stages of recruitment.  Some are posted, some are being screened, etc.  Should I pause recruitment until the positions are approved by the Health Vacancy Review Committee?
  • Recruitment activities that are in progress can continue, and the HRBP/CAO should concurrently submit a vacancy request.  Recruitment activities can continue only up until the point of selecting a finalist.  Please remain at the finalist selection stage, and do not continue to the offer stage without approval from the Health Vacancy Review Committee.
  • I am in the final stage of recruitment where interviews have concluded and we are doing reference checks.  I feel this is a critical position and I need immediate approval from the Health Vacancy Review Committee to avoid losing a candidate.  What should I do?
  • A critical position is broadly defined as having substantive impacts on key operations, safety, health and/or is COVID-19 related.  Where you feel immediate approval is needed to hire into a critical position please forward the Health Vacancy Request Form to and indicate PLEASE EXPEDITE in the subject line.

    The Coordinator will request the Health Vacancy Review Committee to escalate this request and review immediately.
  • What is the process for new recruitments?
  • The CAO/HRBP should obtain an approved Health Vacancy Request Form before submitting a recruitment request into AggieService.  Attach the approved form with the recruitment request.
  • Position extensions require vacancy review only when the extensions cumulatively exceeds six (6) months.  Can you give an example of this?
  • Yes, this relates to extensions for existing TES and contract positions.

    For example:
    > An existing TES or contract position is ending March 31.  As March 31 approaches, the manager wishes extends the contract position for 5 months, ending August 31.  This extension is not subject to vacancy review.
    > As August 31 approaches, the manager wishes to extend the position for an additional 2 months, now ending October 31.  This 2 month extension requires vacancy approval as the total of all extensions for this position exceeds 6 months.

    Note: New and replacement positions, including TES and contract, require vacancy approval regardless of the length of the position.
  • Who can I contact for assistance?
  • For assistance please email