Applicant Screening and Referral (PSS Recruitments)

The number of applications received for consideration will be dependent upon the screening questions developed for the minimum qualifications and if the department requested HR to conduct a preliminary screen.

In general, the department will have access to view applications as received. However, the department must not begin the interview and selection process until the position has been released by Employment Services/HR in the PeopleAdmin system, typically following a minimum 10-day posting period as required by policy and/or collective bargaining contract.   

As noted in the PeopleAdmin Recruitment User Guide and in consultation with the department’s respective Employment Consultant/Recruiter, a department can elect to conduct initial screening of applications received for a job requisition/posting versus an HR screen. To ensure an equitable selection process and compliance with policy and employment processes, the following instructions are provided to assist you when screening the applications: 

1. Verify applicants with preference: An applicant may have preference under UC Policy 60 (Layoff), 66 (Medical Separation), or 81 (Reasonable Accommodation). The department must consider these candidates before other applicants. The Employment Consultant/Recruiter for Human Resources will refer individuals with preferential layoff rehire rights and candidates eligible through Disability Services Management (DSM) to the department if he or she meets the minimum requirements of the position.  

If the applicant pool has a layoff candidate and/or a DMS candidate, the candidate with preference must be interviewed first without consideration for the remainder of the applicant pool. However, if the applicant pool has both a layoff and DMS candidate, the DMS candidate must be given first consideration for interview. The layoff candidate is not considered referred for interview unless the DMS candidate is disqualified for the position.

2. Verify applicants with retiree status: Contact your Employment Consultant/Retiree if an applicant has self-identified as “retiree”.  There are policy restrictions for reemployment of retirees.

3. Review affirmative action goals and the applicant pool for diversity.

4. Screen applications for completeness: If any of the following is missing, the application should not be considered and should be moved to “ Incomplete Application” status:

  • Omission of any information requested is an incomplete application, such as failing to include a date and detailed explanation. (Note, the applicant is advised at the time of applying for a position that the application will not be considered if the information is missing). Contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter should there be question about the information provided and the relevance to the position.
  • The Job Duties field in the Employment History section must contain information pertaining to the applicant’s current/prior experience. If that field is blank or contains “see resume,” the application should be recorded as an Incomplete Application.
  • The open-ended screening questions cannot be left blank and unanswered or contain language such as “see attached resume.” 

5. Screen applications for required qualifications in the published requisition/job posting: 

If HR screens initially, screening will be conducted on minimum qualifications published in the requisition/job posting with referral to department to screen on minimum and preferred qualifications.

If HR does not screen initially because the department has elected to screen applications without HR review, the department screens applications that meet the minimum and preferred qualifications.

If a degree, license, or certification is required to perform the functions of a position and is listed as a minimum qualification, the applicant must demonstrate possession of the requirement. This type of requirement is not negotiable; therefore, if applicant does not indicate possession of the required degree, license or certification, the application should be noted as “not qualified” regardless of other qualifications that might be noted by the applicant.

Document the specific reason for skill, knowledge, experience and ability for disqualification in the PeopleAdmin system.