Contract positions (PSS, MSP) are limited to titles covered by PPSM where there is a definite end date, unique occupational terms and conditions, specialized requirements, or where a contract is customarily used.

All terms and conditions of employment are clearly specified in a written employment contract between the university and the individual. A contract appointment can be at a fixed or variable percentage of time and is typically established for one year. All contracts require consultation with and approval by your Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter in HR prior to finalizing the job offer and entering the appointment into PPS including any changes to an existing contract and/or extensions.

Note: When a department is interested in transitioning a Contract to a Career Appointment, please consult with your Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter in HR as recruitment can be waived by policy if the incumbent was selected through an open recruitment process.

Department Responsibilities:

Ensure you have an accurate position description ready for your employment action. The position description must accurately reflect the critical functions and qualifications (skill, knowledge, ability and experience requirements) in addition to special requirements, certifications, and/or conditions of employment/work environment, e.g., background check, medical monitoring, pre-placement physical, and physical demands, if any, for proper submission. 
Note: no changes can be made to the position description once it has been received by HR through the PeopleAdmin system and classified by Compensation/HR.

  • Identify the need for a contract position. Consideration should be given to individuals on layoff status with the department who have the qualifications and are interested in non-career appointment.
  • Contact your department's Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter in HR to discuss the nature of the request for the direct hire or hire through an open posting/recruitment.
  • Use the PeopleAdmin system to initiate your requisition for a Contract Appointment. If you are not sure of your department number or password, contact your PeopleAdmin Department Administrator.
  • Complete the appropriate Contract Appointment form template and send a hard copy (outside of the PeopleAdmin system) to your Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter in HR. Note any changes to the original terms and conditions of the contract, such as end date, salary, etc., requires a new contract following consultation and approval by your Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter.

Note: You will need to obtain the PeopleAdmin Quick Link from your Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter and provide to the applicant for the Contract Appointment position. This will allow the applicant to submit the application as a “direct hire” using the PeopleAdmin system. 

Compensation Responsibilities:

  • Validates the job summary, qualifications (skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience) requirements, conditions of employment/work environment and physical demands in addition to overall review of the position description to determine appropriate classification.
  • Contacts the department if there are questions about the classification level.
  • Moves the position description to the department’s library in the PeopleAdmin system prior to the department submitting the requisition for a Contract Appointment. 

Talent Acquisition Partner/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Reviews the contract request for approval and qualifications of the direct hire.
  • Contacts the department to discuss the intent for the position, business necessity, duration, percentage, salary, applicable policy, and any other considerations to assist with the review for approval.
  • Initiates decision (approval or denial) through the PeopleAdmin system with subsequent notification to the department.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Print the position description and the employment application, obtain signatures and retain for department record.