Our Team

The OE team of professionals is dedicated to helping leaders and leadership teams create thriving, sustainable organizations.

Our consultants bring decades of experience, advanced degrees and advanced training in organizational effectiveness, change management, and executive leadership coaching & development to co-create approaches that meet the unique development needs of each of our clients. We are all lifelong learners, consistently seeking out opportunities for ongoing development in service of our clients.

Barrett McBride, PhD, MCC
Interim Manager, Organization Development & Coaching
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Tracy Preciado, MA, PCC
Sr. Organization Development Consultant & Coach
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Dorothy Lingren
Sr. Organization Development Consultant
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Diane Garza, PhD, PCC
Sr. Organization Development Consultant & Coach
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Randa Wilbur
Interim Manager, Change Management
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Vicky Tibbs, MBA
Change Management Consultant
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Ann Foley
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