Guidelines for Accomplishment Statements

Sometimes people struggle with articulating their accomplishments, but there is a handy formula you can use to promote your experience.

APR (Action + Problem/Project + Result)

"APR" makes highlighting accomplishments easy. First, think of a specific project you completed or problem you solved during a job or volunteer experience. Then apply the formula to create one or two brief sentences:

A: To begin your statement, choose an action verb (see list) that describes what you did.

P:  Identify the problem you were trying to solve, project you were working on, or task you were completing. Include details describing the size and scope (budget size, number of accounts processed, staff supervised, or people affected)

R: Then describe the results you achieved, quantifying results when possible (amount of money or time saved, percent increased/decreased, value-added, or skills you gained).

Example: Planned a meeting for over 100 employees to educate them on changes to the UC benefits plan, which decreased phone calls to the help desk.

The process of developing Accomplishment Statements helps you recognize your achievements and prepares you for articulating these achievements to potential employers on your resume and in interview situations.