UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education

Online and in-person training for leadership and career advancement

As the lifelong learning arm of UC Davis, CPE is passionate about sharing our resources and expertise with UC Davis staff and faculty. We offer practical training that immediately improves your capability and job performance.

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) offers a special discount to UC Davis Campus and UC Davis Health employees for courses taken through CPE or its Open Campus program. 

20% off UC Continuing and Professional Education Courses

Through UC Davis CPE's employee discount program all UC Davis faculty, staff and student employees are eligible for a 20% discount on UC Davis CPE courses (up to $200 per course). 

20% off Open Campus Courses

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's employee discount program offers eligible career staff a 20% discount on Open Campus courses. See UC Davis Staff Discounts on the UC Davis CPE website for more information.

UC Davis Executive Leadership Program

Employees of UC Davis that are qualified to take the UC Davis Executive Leadership Program may receive $500 off the course registration fee, or 10% off the total cost if enrolling in a group of three or more. This program is exempt from the 50% employee discount.

Select CPE Programs

Executive Leadership Program - This transformational program will give you a deeper understanding of your strengths and how to grow your capacity as a high-level leader.  

The Inclusive Leader - Develop the skills and resources to become more effective in supporting equity and inclusivity in your team. 

Team Coaching - Learn how to identify team development needs and guide teams through the barriers that can keep them from achieving their goals.  

Lean Six Sigma - Learn systematic methods to improve performance and reduce variation, in order to boost your team’s productivity. 

Other programs popular with UC Davis employees:

For more information, contact UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (530-757-8777).