Your new employee may feel “new” for some time, but with some guidance, they will grow to be more comfortable, confident and productive.

During the first month, have one-on-one check-ins at least weekly to clarify questions, address concerns and monitor progress. Your feedback can have a considerable impact on your new employee’s self-perception and sense of achievement.

Policies, Procedure and Paperwork

  • Complete any open items on New Employee Checklist (UC Davis) / New Employee Checklist (UC Davis Health) and return to Human Resources. Retain copy in personnel file.
  • Verify new employee has signed up for benefits prior to enrollment deadline.
    • Period of initial eligibility is 30 days after date of hire
  • Ensure reviews of policies and procedures scheduled for new employee’s first week have been done.
  • Encourage new employee to check the campus online directory to make sure his/her name and contact information is correct.
  • Encourage new employee to check first paycheck information to ensure it reflects benefit plan choices, payroll deductions and personal information correctly.

Training and Development

Performance Management

  • Be available to answer your new employee’s questions.
  • Set assignments and timelines.
  • Provide detailed instructions and resources for completing tasks and assignments.
  • Hold weekly meetings to review performance expectations and initial performance regarding goals and expected deliverables.
  • Ask for feedback about how things are going and if your new employee is getting the necessary support from you and others to become proficient.
  • Increase the complexity and scope of work to assess your new employee’s ability to perform the full range of duties within the position.
  • Contact Human Resources if there are any significant performance concerns.