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Evaluate Your Progress

Ensure success in your career management by continuing to evaluate your progress.

1. Learn About Yourself

  • What did you learn about yourself through the self-assessments? What was most meaningful?
  • How do your values fit with your current career? Which of your values would you like to be more present in your career?
  • Have you determined whether your present career is in alignment with your skills and interests? How can you further align them?
  • What is your next step in terms of learning about yourself?

2. Career Exploration

  • How have you used the Internet in your career exploration?
  • What resources have you identified and how have they been helpful?
  • Have you conducted informational interviews? What did you learn from them?
  • What is your next step in terms of career exploration?

3. Plan Your Next Steps

  • What do you believe has been effective in reaching your short-term and long-term goals?
  • Have you discussed your Individual Development Plan (IDP) with your supervisor or other appropriate individuals? What feedback did you receive?
  • What is your next step in terms of planning your next steps?

4. Take Action

  • Did you update your resume even if you are not searching for a new position?
  • Which resume format worked best for you? Did you target your resume for specific interviews?
  • Did you prepare a cover letter and reference page?
  • What is your next step in terms of taking action?

5. Evaluate Your Progress

  • What have you learned throughout the career management process?
  • What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your career management process that you know now?
  • After you met your short-and long-term goals, how did you celebrate your successes?