There are many resume formats, however the two most commonly used are:

Chronological Resume

A Chronological resume lists and describes your work history in reverse chronological order with your most recent position first.  Considered the most traditional resume style, it is straightforward and clearly presents your background to the reader.

This type of resume is best when:

  • You are seeking a position in the same field
  • Your most recent position highlights your relevant skills and qualifications
  • Your career path has shown steady progress and increasing responsibilities
  • You can demonstrate measurable results from your work
  • Your work history has no gaps


  • Calls attention to employment gaps
  • Skills may be difficult to spot if they are buried in position descriptions

Chronological Resume Template (PDF)
Chronological Resume Template (Word)

Sample Chronological Resume 1 (PDF)
Sample Chronological Resume 2 (PDF)
Sample Chronological Resume 3 (PDF)
Sample Chronological Resume 4 (PDF)

Functional Resume

A Functional resume focuses on areas of skill or expertise (e.g., management, public relations, computer programming, financial planning, communication skills) rather than describing your work experience for each job.  It also includes a short employment history section.  To develop a Functional resume start by choosing three to four skill areas as headings then list specific examples of when you used each skill.  An employment history that includes job title, employer and dates of employment follows the skills area. 

This type of resume is best when:

  • You are changing careers and want to focus on your transferable skills
  • You have been employed by the same organization for a long time
  • Your work history contains gaps in employment
  • You want to highlight skills acquired through internships or volunteer work
  • The skills and experience you want the employer to notice first are from a long time ago


  • Employers may be interested in your most current employment and current skills
  • Employers are accustomed to viewing chronological resumes
  • May be more difficult to write because organizing skills under functional areas can be challenging

Functional Resume Template (PDF)
Functional Resume Template (Word)

Sample Functional Resume 1 (PDF)
Sample Functional Resume 2 (PDF)
Sample Functional Resume 3 (PDF)