Analytical Skills Development Certificate Series

Through a combination of lecture and skill-building exercises, each session in the series focuses on a key component of analytical skill development.

Course Description:

Develop core analytical abilities and learn how to manage analytical work assignments using the techniques covered in the Analytical Skills Development series. Note: Participants are expected to attend all five sessions in the series.

Session 1-2: Essential Analytical Skills

  • Become aware of the nature of analytical work
  • Recognize analytical methods and tools
  • Diagnose issues through data collection and analysis
  • Apply critical thinking skills in written and numerical contexts
  • Organize a data collection survey
  • Learn how to conduct research

Session 3: Critical Thinking Tools

  • Lay the foundation of critical thinking
  • Use critical thinking skills to analyze various situations
  • Identify the central issue(s) in a complex situation
  • Understand and explain the dimensions of a problem
  • Solve problems systematically
  • Apply a critical thinking model to a realistic organization problem
  • Identify valid sources of information and expertise

Session 4: Analytical Writing Skills

  • Effectively plan for audience, purpose, message, and tone
  • Organize thoughts and write with purpose and conviction
  • Jumpstart the writing process
  • Incorporate critical thinking, analysis and evaluation
  • Make points quickly and eliminate unnecessary words
  • Organize and edit content for clarity, conciseness, and correctness
  • Avoid the most common writing errors

Session 5: Problem Solving Tools

  • Use a standard five-step method for solving problems in the workplace
  • Apply the method to an actual workplace problem
  • Identify and use the proper tools at each step in the problem solving process
  • Use creative thinking techniques to expand the possibilities of viable solutions


Allison Horak
Dennis Wade
Tyler Wade
Heather Rico

UC Davis

UC Davis Health

Dates | Time | Location

September 21, 2020
September 28, 2020
October 5, 2020
October 12, 2020
October 19, 2020
Webinar via Zoom






Dates | Time | Location

May 14, 2020  Rescheduled to August 14
May 21, 2020  Rescheduled to August 21
May 28, 2020  Rescheduled to August 28
June 4, 2020  Rescheduled to September 11
June 11, 2020  Rescheduled to September 4





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