Attracting, Selecting, and Hiring Diverse Candidates

UC Davis is committed to diversity because it is vital to our mission and enhances both patient care and educational excellence.

Guided by our Principles of Community, we endeavor to attract, select, and hire diverse candidates that reflect our commitment to inclusive excellence. Best-practices and University of California policy indicate that competitive recruitments are normally expected for all career and contract positions. Below are steps you can take to conduct inclusive job searches.

Attracting Diverse Talent

In order to attract diverse applicants to apply for open positions at UC Davis, a number of steps can be taken to ensure you are making a best-faith effort to develop a diverse candidate pool.

What we do

UC Davis Talent Acquisition is committed to ensuring open positions reach a broad and diverse audience. In addition to traditional job websites such as, and others, all open positions are distributed through (AJE). AJE broadcasts our positions to local community organizations that support the employment of diverse individuals. Additionally, our Talent Acquisition Partners frequent job fairs, community events, and other outreach opportunities in order to reach diverse communities.

Our Talent Acquisition Partners are experts on sourcing and identifying niche job boards to reach diverse applicants. Please work with your TAP in order to develop an outreach strategy that is guided both by any Affirmative Action Goals that exist for your open position, as well as our commitment to generating large applicant pools for all positions.

What you can do

Inclusive Language

Prospective employees make many judgments about how inclusive an employer is based on the language that is used in job descriptions, advertisements, and announcements. Below are some recommendations about how you can make your positions feel more inclusive to diverse prospective employees:

  • Avoid gender-coded words: Check out this article about the unconscious ways some words impacts who decides to apply for jobs.

  • Avoid using unnecessary jargon or department-specific language
  • Remember that skills can be learned when writing job descriptions. Job requirements should include “must-haves” only
  • Emphasize your departments commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Highlight the many inclusive benefits and opportunities available at UC Davis for diverse staff
  • Tie the position to the organization by emphasizing how the job will help accomplish the overarching goals of the department

Advertisements must continue to state that the University is an "Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer." It is also recommended for advertisements to state: “UC Davis is committed to hiring a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community."

Targeted Outreach

Talent Acquisition has developed a list of community contacts, organizations, and groups that you can reach out to in order to advertise your open positions to diverse communities.

Additionally, UC Davis is home to a variety of employee resource groups that support diverse staff and faculty. To learn more about the resource groups, visit the Employee Diversity & Inclusion page.

If you have additional resources to include, please email them to

Selecting Diverse Talent

Casting a wide net in order to generate a diverse pool of applicants is a great first step in recruiting diverse talent. Of equal importance is ensuring you are mindful of the ways personal, structural and institutionalized bias may seep into the selection process.

What we do

UC Davis Talent Acquisition is diligent in our efforts to ensure all job applications are reviewed fairly and consistently with UC policy during the screening process. In order to generate screening guidelines that are inclusive, work with your Talent Acquisition Partner to confirm your minimum and preferred qualifications are essential to the position. Additionally, they should broad enough to not unintentionally exclude any groups of prospective employees.

What you can do

Recruitment Panels

There are many steps you can take to ensure your recruitment panel is prepared to conduct fair and inclusive interviews. Examples of best-practices are listed below:

Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions are an important way to learn more about candidates and the qualities they can bring to your department. Below are some best-practices regarding developing interview questions. Your Talent Acquisition Partner can also provide guidance on developing inclusive questions.

  • Ask at least one question that gives the candidate an opportunity to share their perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the work setting

  • You can find some great diversity questions here, and you can find a variety of additional potential interview questions here.

  • Ask questions that allow candidates flexibility to share relevant experience, even if they do not have direct experience for a job requirement. For example, a candidate may have not worked with our internal financial management systems but may have experience working with similar types of programs in a different setting. While that candidate may take a little longer to train, they offer a different perspective that may lead to more efficiency and creative results down the road.
  • Follow-up questions during the interview: Be sure to avoid questions about the following candidate characteristics, or questions that could pigeon-hole someone into sharing these items:
    • Ancestry, national origin, race, or color
    • Gender or sexual orientation
    • Marital status, information about the candidate’s children, child-care arrangements or pregnancy
    • Age, medical information or disabilities
    • Political, religious or union affiliations
    • Conviction or court records
    • Transportation resources available or not available to them (you may ask about a Driver’s License if listed as a minimum qualification and   necessity to perform work functions)
    • Financial status
    • Any other information not related to successful work performance
    • Candidate’s current or previous salary

You should ensure that you have offered, and are equipped to provide reasonable accommodations to applicants who may require additional resources in order to participate in the selection process. Examples include:

  • Some candidates may have accessibility issues, so identifying an interview location that can accommodate individuals with mobility needs is essential
  • Some candidates may need interview questions ahead of time in order to review the content and ensure they have time to process the information
  • Some candidates may need documents provided in PDF format in order to use text-to-voice technology

Your Talent Acquisition Partner and HR Business Partner can help you work with Disability Management Services to provide assistance on all aspects of disability management, compliance, and reasonable accommodations both during and after the selection process.

Hiring Diverse Talent

Your Talent Acquisition Partner can provide guidance on topics such as salary negotiation, delayed start dates, non-traditional work schedules, and other variables that may impact diverse candidates differently during the offer stage.

Below are some considerations when determining which candidate you choose to hire:

  • Reflect on the current composition of your staff and department. What perspectives are missing from your team? Does your workforce reflect the community you are serving?
  • Have you ensured you generated a diverse pool at the beginning of the search process?

Additionally, you should be aware of and speak to the many professional development opportunities available for employees at UC Davis, as well as the trainings, Resource Groups, and other opportunities for diverse staff at UC Davis.