Graduate Admissions: Best Practices in Application Review

This course will provide information and training to Graduate Program Coordinators regarding recommended practices for reviewing application materials to achieve equitable and inclusive graduate admissions

Course Description

We will address how Coordinators prepare, retrieve and present data for faculty review; utilize the SLATE platform to contextualize applicant information; and consider best practices for “holistic review,” including the value of diversity. We will discuss the graduate admissions system and tools that can help facilitate applicant review at the program level. This course will also provide context for reviewing international graduate applications, graduate pipeline programs, first generation applicants, etc. Overall, the goal of this course is to provide Coordinators with information regarding the trends and strategies that produce effective results, including coordination of admission activities, with Graduate Studies that include diversity initiatives.

Date | Time | Location

July 25, 2019
Hamilton Room, Heitman Staff Learning Center

October 2, 2019
Hamilton Room, Heitman Staff Learning Center


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