DMS Publications

DMS Brochure
An overview of the University services available to assist faculty and staff to remain working or return to work when a medical condition or disability interferes with the ability to perform job duties.

DMS - Definitions and Concepts

DMS-Guide to Reasonable Accommodation
This publication guides managers and supervisors through the four steps of the reasonable accommodation process, gives examples of accommodations and lists resources. Also refer to "The Interactive Process."

DMS- Interactive Process Publication
The Interactive Process is an on-going communication between employer and employee in an effort to provide reasonable accommodation. Also refer to the "Reasonable Accommodation."

VIDEO - Interactive Process: Reasonable Accommodation
This 20 minute video, produced for the University of California system, explains and provides clear examples of how to engage in the Interactive Process.

DMS-Steps to the Interactive Process
This is a tool for managers and supervisors to document the Interactive Process. Also refer to the "Reasonable Accommodation."

DMS-Medical Inquiries-Procedure
This guide assists managers in understanding their obligations when proceeding with a medical inquiry.