Human Resources

HR Administration Building
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 752-0530

  • Social Networking Resources Workshop at the Activities and Recreation Center.

    We promote excellence in people by delivering innovative HR programs and strategies to support One UC Davis.

  • Sr. Lecturer Liz Applegate teaches Nutrition 10, one of the most popular general education courses on campus. Over 500 students are enrolled in this class.

    We are a model HR organization that inspires all people to reach their full potential where their contributions and discoveries advance our world-class university.

  • The Be Smart About Safety program at UC Davis provided funding for the new shrink wrap machine at Bulk Mail Services on Hopkins Services Complex. This machine is  for packaging things like UC Davis Magazine, to get it ready for the post office. In the past, the workers would walk round and round a pallet full of magazines. Now, the pallet sits on a platform, and a machine wraps the pallet.  Senior mail processor, Pravin Sharma  (long sleeve shirt, baseball cap) shrinks wraps a box to a pallette.

    We value excellence as the standard for measuring the quality, timeliness and consistency of our service.

  • Public safety dispatch at the UC Davis police department.

    We value integrity at the core of all we do to provide service that is trustworthy, reliable and fair.

  • Spay Day at new surgery suite

    We value compassion in our service to faculty, staff and students who have committed to building a better world.


We seek dedicated professionals to help support and advance the high quality teaching, research, public service and patient care that make UC Davis a world-class academic institution.

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At UC Davis we value the personal well-being and professional development of you, our employee.

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