Talent Acquisition and Employment Services developed streamlined guidelines to assist you with advertising your job posting on our standard advertising sites and publications other than the campus Web site. In consultation with your recruiter basic recruitment information will appear on these job sites.  For standard advertising your recruiter will post to any or all job sites listed on the Standard Advertising Provider List, at no cost to the department.


UC Davis Career Opportunities
UC System-wide Job Opportunities
Americas Job Exchange
Simply Hired

In consultation with the department, your recruiter will post your position on LinkedIn.  For targeted recruitment (paid sites) the department must make direct advertising arrangements. Recruiters are available to assist you with composing the ad.  

For newspaper advertisements and/or other publications, the department may contact the source of choice directly or request assistance from AdClub (209-343-1922) who can assist with advertising high level positions that may include creating job flyers, searching related industry sites and ad placement. You will need to provide the advertising source with a department account number for billing purposes. Keep in mind the cost of placing an ad is the department's responsibility. Be sure to ask prices for the various ad types; display vs. line ads as costs vary. You may request their assistance in modifying your advertisement to reduce your cost.  Please keep an electronic copy of your advertisements, sourcing or networking announcement.

Department Responsibilities

Discuss appropriate resources within/outside the usual recruitment area with your Employment Consultant/Recruiter. Keep in mind the intended recruitment duration can impact the effectiveness for attracting applicants for the job posting.

  • Write ad copy using the required information and route to your Employment Consultant/Recruiter for review and approval of the ad.  This must be done prior to placing the ad. Contact your advertiser(s) directly to arrange the final placement of the ad.

Sample Advertisement Format:

Keyword: Administrator

Title: Office Assistant II

HR/MO; $xx.xx - $xx.xx

Final Filing Date: xx/xx/xxxx

Body: Contains a brief description of job duties, essential skills, knowledge, abilities and work environment.

Application Procedure: To review and submit an on-line application visit:, Req. #

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer: A.A. /E.O.E.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities

  • Review ad and work with the department to edit content, if necessary.  Approve final copy.