Additional Hire Process

No additional hires will be permitted to a position posted for a single opening or multiple openings if all positions have been filled unless one of the hire(s) is released within 30 days of the hire. If all hires are successful placements, the department will need to conduct a new search if an additional hire is necessary for staffing.

Department Responsibilities:

  • If the original hire leaves employment within 30 days of the hire date, the department may employ an alternate hire from the original applicant pool for the same job posting if an alternate was designated in the “hire decision” documentation in the PeopleAdmin system. You must first, however contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter to discuss the additional hire.
  • For positions advertised as multiple hires, the department will need to clone the original position description in the PeopleAdmin system for Compensation/HR review and track the position description number for each vacant position associated with the open posting in the original position’s note field.

Employment and Outreach Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • If the job posting has not been closed in the PeopleAdmin system, the Employment Consultant/Recruiter will process the closeout indicating the alternate hire(s) from the same posting.
  • If the posting was advertised for multiple hires, the Employment Consultant/Recruiter will identify the hire by the position description tracking number provided by the department.