HR Website Makeover

HR Website Makeover

By Staff
June 7, 2017

The Human Resources website for the Davis campus ( re-launched today, with a redesigned homepage that makes it easier to locate the site’s most popular pages. The remodeled homepage also features this News Page, where you’ll find regularly updated information covering a range of HR topics and initiatives.

All changes to the site were designed with the user in mind and driven by a careful review of the site’s analytics. To further improve the user experience, the site will undergo a major overhaul this year to better communicate information of interest to prospective, new, and current employees and supervisors, at UC Davis and UC Davis Health.

There are 11 unique UC Davis websites presenting human resources information. Combined, these sites receive more than 15 million page visits each year. Given this volume of traffic, Human Resources has prioritized spending the next eight to ten months working with departments and stakeholders on a site that makes it easier for people to find the services available to them.

If you have an interest in being involved in the new redesign process, please email