Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time

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Updated August 7, 2017 *See change to Eligibility section*

Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) is a voluntary program that allows employees who have received departmental approval, to reduce their working hours, effective July 1 (monthly paid employees) or July 30 (biweekly paid employees). Eligible employees who work for participating departments may reduce their working hours between 5 and 50 percent, while continuing to accrue vacation and sick leave at pre-ERIT rates.

Employees may choose to use ERIT to further their work-life integration, while allowing departments to achieve temporary salary savings from the employee’s reduction in working time. 

Fast Facts


  • All career staff employees (regular status and probationary), except Senior Management Group members.
  • Participation for exclusively represented employees is dependent upon agreement by applicable union.
    • The University has noticed the unions of the ERIT renewal and will update this page as additional information becomes available. At this time, participating unions include:
      • AFSCME - Service "SX" and Patient Care Technical "EX"
      • Teamsters - Clerical "CX"
      • UPTE - Research Support Professionals "RX", Technical Unit "TX" and Health Care Professionals "HX"
      • Student Health Center Physicians - "DX"
  • UC Davis Health employees (SOM, SON, Medical Center) are not eligible to participate due to operational needs.


  • Voluntary for a minimum of one month, to a maximum of 36 months.
  • Requires approval from employee's department head, with work schedules subject to approval by an employee's supervisor.


The ERIT program was previously available to staff, but that program ended on June 30, 2014. Over 100 staff members participated, saving UC Davis roughly $1 million. ERIT participants returned to their former schedules when the program concluded. 


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