ELR Reorganization

Webinar Slides and Video

Topic: Progress on the reorganization

Presenter: Steve Green, ELR Executive Director

Thursday, Oct. 5, 1 - 2 p.m.

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*Video edited slightly for brevity*

Future Org. Structure

ELR Organization (.pdf)

October 4, 2017

Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) recently commenced a structural reorganization designed to improve the team's ability to serve employees and departments across UC Davis. This reorganization includes increasing ELR staffing, especially at the UC Davis Health campus, both in central ELR and in Disability Management Services (DMS). 

Overview of Design and Timeline

Current ELR staff will not be displaced, but some will transition to new roles. In the new model, the employee relations and labor relations functions will be split (as is the model at the Davis campus) to ensure ELR staff have sufficient time and resources to fully and efficiently serve our customers (please see the attached ELR Future State organizational design).

Under the new design, there will be a single manager over the employee relations function (providing direct support to employees and departments on personnel matters), and a single manager over the labor relations function (including grievance administration and labor negotiations). After completing these recruitments, we will post the new ER Consultant and LR Consultant positions. We hope to have completed all recruitments by the end of the year.

Goals of Reorganization

  1. Improve timeliness of ELR support across UC Davis
  2. Where appropriate, standardize ELR process and practices to ensure the consistent implementation of policies and collective bargaining agreements
  3. Improve collaboration and communication with HR Business Partners and other stakeholders to support the provision of HR services to UC Davis

Summary of Changes

  • Split Employee Relations (ER) and Labor Relations (LR) consultant roles at UC Davis Health
  • Hire an ER Manager and an LR Manager to support the ELR team on both campuses
  • Increase the number of frontline ELR and DMS staff

Outreach and Communications

One goal of this restructuring is to improve communication on ELR issues, which will include posting regular updates on this page throughout the course of the reorganization. ELR will also be distributing regular email updates and has posted video above from an Oct. 5 webinar that offered an update on our progress.


Please contact ELR Executive Director, Steve Green.

(530) 754-8892  |  Davis
(916) 734-3362  |  UC Davis Health