One HR Employee Recognition and Reward Program

We believe finding the right way to make our employees feel appreciated builds job satisfaction, employee loyalty and longevity. We have a variety of programs available for supervisors and managers to utilize when recognizing employees who go above and beyond, and who exemplify our strategic guiding principles of Compassion, Teamwork, Leadership, Social Responsibility, Diversity and Innovation. Our goal is to provide the tools for managers to easily and immediately recognize their employees, and to build a culture of service excellence.

Award Program


Nomination & Selection

Gift Card Recognition Program

UC Excellence – VISA card program

The UC Excellence (Gift Card) Program provides recognition for employees who have demonstrated above and beyond service excellence and employee engagement.

Frequency: On Request

Employees are typically selected for gift cards by their manager or supervisor. Another employee, customer, patient or patient’s family can nominate an employee.

For more information and nomination materials:

Employee Recognition Coordinator in HR administers the program (Ben Gamez).

HR Employee of the Month

The HR Employee of the Month programs recognizes one HR team member for outstanding contributions and/or customer service during the month.

Frequency: Monthly


HR Communications sends a monthly email to HR leadership asking for nominations.

HR staff can nominate a coworker via an email address on the HR@aGlance recognitions page.

HR leadership considers nominees at the final leadership meeting each month – AVC breaks a tie.

AVC-HR’s office administers the program.

Champions for Change

The Champions for Change program recognizes an individual or team from Sacramento AND Davis for modeling behaviors, practices and success that support the One HR Community and model change behaviors. 

Frequency: Quarterly


HR leadership will nominate individuals or teams. A panel of HR customers will review and select quarterly winners. Nominations will be submitted blind; contributions but no names.

One Health System and one Davis campus recipient each quarter.

HR Communications administer the program.

UC Davis Staff Appreciation and Recognition plan - STAR Award



These guidelines serve as a framework for implementation of cash recognition awards for employees under the Staff Appreciation and Recognition Plan (the “STAR Plan”) at UC Davis.


Individual Award Nominations: Individual employees may be nominated for STAR awards based on one or more of the performance standards in the STAR Plan. Input will be required from the employee’s manager/supervisor if someone other than the employee’s manager/supervisor is nominating.

Team Award Nominations: Team Awards may be granted to teams of employees who meet one or more of the performance standards set forth in the STAR Plan for work on a project within the same department or for work on the development and/or implementation of inter-departmental projects. Input will be required from the team leader and each employee’s supervisor/manager if someone other than the manager/supervisor is nominating the team.

HR Approval is not required for these awards unless the amount exceeds certain parameters (see guidelines),  Departments should work with their college/school/division HR office to assign the award.

HR receives semi-annual reports from college/school/division on how the STAR Awards were allocated to employees.

Chancellor’s STAR Award – 


Employees who have gone “above and beyond” in support of the campus’s core values.

Frequency: Annually

Non-represented and CX UC Davis campus and Health System employees only.

Information on nominations is available in the fall.

Clinical Enterprise Management Recognition Plans ("CEMRP") –



The UC Davis Health System Clinical Enterprise Management Recognition Program (CEMRP 2), offers financial-recognition payments to employees whose work contributes to attaining or exceeding key objectives of the health system.

Frequency: Annually

Non-represented Health System employees only.

For more information and nomination materials: