Understanding the P4P Evaluation Process

Below are the high-level activities that take place before and during each evaluation period:

  • Step 1 - The HR Administrator sends a communication to supervisors with participating employees two weeks prior to the beginning of each cycle. The communication will include relevant information that will assist supervisors/evaluators in preparing for the upcoming cycle.

  • Step 2 - The HR Administrator creates the supervisor and employee performance documents in PeopleSoft and notifies supervisors that the evaluation cycle has begun. A PeopleSoft notification will also be sent to all participants (supervisors and employees) when the documents have been created.

  • Step 3 - The supervisor may decide to evaluate the employee or transfer the document to an alternate evaluator. All evaluators must be classified as a supervisor or manager in PeopleSoft. Exceptions are faculty wishing to evaluate their staff employees.

  • Step 4 - The evaluator notifies participating employees to complete their self-assessment and future goals. 

  • Step 5 - Each employee completes their self-assessment and future goals and submits to their evaluator through PeopleSoft (review the Employee Toolkit for further details on this action)
    Employees can access their version of the evaluation through PeopleSoft > Main Menu > Employee Self-Service > Performance Management > Performance Documents
    Note: Employees who do not have a UC Davis Health computer account and cannot get PeopleSoft access should meet with their evaluator to discuss the best method of providing a self-assessment and future goals. 

  • Step 6 - The evaluator completes the official review, incorporating the employee’s self-assessment and future goals as appropriate. Employee self-assessment comments can be viewed by clicking on the View Employee Self-Appraisal link where it is available.

  • Step 7 - The evaluator enters the Overall Performance Rating for each employee and saves the document.

  • Step 8 - The evaluator meets with each employee to discuss their performance and accomplishments during the past year.   At this time, the evaluator will also provide the employee with their Overall Rating. 

  • Step 9 - The evaluator then releases the performance evaluation to each employee by selecting the Release to Employee button   

  • Step 10 - The employee can review the entire performance document, add comments and acknowledge that they have had the opportunity to review the evaluation.
    For employees without a UC Davis Health computer account and no PeopleSoft access, the evaluator can provide the employee with a printed copy of the evaluation. 

  • Step 11 - The evaluator submits the evaluation to the next level of management for approval.  Manager/Senior Professional and Practice Manager evaluations do not require additional approval and can be marked as Complete after acknowledgment. 

  • Step 12 - The HR Administrator monitors the process throughout each cycle to ensure evaluations are being completed on schedule and answers business and process questions.


If you have questions about the performance management process or the online forms, please contact the support desk at: HS Evaluation