New/Upgraded PeopleAdmin System Coming This Summer

Updated Position Management System Coming to HR - PeopleAdmin

By Randa Wilbur, Workforce Strategies

We are in the process of upgrading the current Davis campus PeopleAdmin system and it will also be newly implemented at Health, representing the first time UCDH has had such a tool to support the creation, classification, and storage of staff position descriptions.

Project sponsor, Karmen Fittes, stressed the importance of having a common system and processes across both campuses. She further indicates that PeopleAdmin allows us to have a single, transparent library for position descriptions and streamlines the steps involved in the job classification process.”

The project team, led by Susan McCutcheon of Workforce Strategies, plans to have PeopleAdmin ready for use by both campuses this summer. Training will be provided to those who will be using the system.

In the coming months, we’ll share more information about how this new/upgraded tool will fit into our hiring and position management processes so stay tuned. . . .

Questions you may have can be directed to the project team at