Work & Family Month

October is Work and Family Month!

The aim of National Work and Family Month is to raise awareness for family-friendly policies, work-place flexibility and other work-life benefits that attract, de-stress, engage and retain a talented workforce. Work and Family Month is a national observance to honor those who determinedly juggle work and family responsibilities and to recognize the organizations that support them with family-friendly policies, workplace flexibility and effective practices.

Dedicating a month to work and family issues encourages all workplaces to pause once a year and reflect on the progress already made on the journey to work-life effectiveness, to celebrate and then raise the bar moving on to even more pervasive progress.

The month of October provides annual recognition of the importance of employer-sponsored work-life programs in attracting, motivating and retaining top talent. 

Being successful in the work place and at home means different things to different people.  For some, success in work-life means being able to work 40 hours a week while managing family care - such as picking the kids up from day care every day at 5 p.m. or taking mom to her sporadic mid-day doctor appointments. For others, work-life means pursing a college education or volunteer work.

Given the diversity in our lives, there is no clear path to finding the right balance between meeting work obligations, family responsibilities, career development, and personal fulfillment. Rather, working closely with their supervisors and colleagues, UC Davis employees are forging new paths for work-life success.