Worklife on the Road


WorkLife on the Road

Invite us to your next unit meeting to discuss worklife integration strategies to reduce stress and optimize your work experience. Our 45-minute presentation highlights tools and discuss strategies for making you work-life integration the best it can be. We discuss the myth of "worklife balance" the effects of workplace stress, organizational and personal strategies to address worklife challenges, and then address well-being in a holistic view encompassing environmental, physical, financial, occupational, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional wellness.  We present tools and help you strategize just one thing you can incorporate into your day to alleviate stress, improve your worklife integration and bring your best self to work.

We integrate a 5-10 minute activity, to break up the presentation, that brings your group on a short relaxing journey (and tool they can use later) for managing workplace stress. Ideally we use the Yoga at your Desk video online but if we do not have internet connection we can do a presenter-guided; body-scan, progressive muscle relaxation, gentle hand massage, mindful breathing, or a five senses nature activity.  Email us at to schedule an informative mini retreat for your group.  Choose one activity from the list below for us to add if we will not have internet access. 

Once we do this introductory workshop, we can then arrange to have follow-ups  on specific topics such as Financial Wellness, Stress Management, and Growth Mindset from our many campus and community partners.  A menu of these additional workshops/contacts will be sent to you after the initial WL on the Road presentation.

Guided Body Scan

This exercise will guide you to turn your attention to various parts of your body in order to notice where you are holding tension. This technique can be used for self-awareness and relaxation.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This exercise will allow you to relax voluntary muscles by first tensing certain muscle groups and then relaxing them. It will enable you to recognize the difference between tension and relaxation, and allow muscle tension to become a cue for you to relax.

Gentle Hand Massage 

Sitting at a desk all day long can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, irritation of a nerve in your wrist and fingers, but this series of exercises, ideally done every hour, can prevent pain from creeping into your day.

Mindful Breathing Exercise

Since breathing is something we can control and regulate, it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear state of mind. This guided journey will bring you through a short guided experience of using the breath to regulate and calm the body and mind.

Five Senses Nature Activity

This guided exercise is based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, the act of forest bathing to experience the medicine of nature. Participants can either sit or walk in nature while we guide them through a sensory experience.  Best experienced in small groups and with good weather.

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