Chancellor Staff Excellence Awards

The Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards program builds upon many programs honoring staff for their service to the University.

Chancellor Gary S. May created these awards so that staff and faculty can recognize staff who consistently go above and beyond in the workplace while exhibiting the core values affirmed in our Principles of Community. As individuals and teams, these staff members ensure UC Davis is going boldly forward toward greater excellence.  The program is currently on hold.


    The Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards may be given to the following career employees after successful completion of their probationary period:

    • PSS and MSP employees (policy-covered/nonrepresented)
    • Represented employees in the Clerical Unit (CX)

    Nominations are welcome from staff and faculty.

    Nomination Process

    Please email for assistance.


    The Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award is offered annually. Here is the timeline for 2018:

    • May 29: Nomination period opens.
    • July 12: Nomination period closes.
    • September 2018: Selection committee meets to recommend nominees.
    • September 2018: Awardees are selected.
    • October 2018: Letters sent to awardees and nominees, notifying them of the awards ceremony


    Chancellor May will host the awards ceremony, presenting certificates to Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards recipients and nominees. The award recipients may be eligible for cash prizes.


    Letter From the Chancellor

    May 29, 2018

    Nominate Colleagues for the Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards

    Today I am launching the Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards to recognize our staff for the exceedingly fine work they do to make UC Davis one of the most respected universities in the nation. Our staff members provide the services and resources that all of us — students, faculty and other staff — need to succeed. For my new awards program, I ask you to nominate staff members who consistently go above and beyond in the workplace while exhibiting our core values as affirmed in our Principles of Community. You may work with your nominees side-by-side or across campus or across the causeway, or you may work with them solely through email. Their achievements and conduct inspire all of us to strive for even greater excellence and to build community — so that UC Davis can continue going boldly forward.

    Please take a few minutes to nominate individuals or teams for the Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards. We’ll accept nominations through July 12, after which I will convene a group of staff members — selected on the basis of their leadership roles — to review the nominations and provide me a slate of nominees from which to choose our award winners.

    I’m sure I’ll be impressed and I thank you in advance for taking the time to recognize your peers for all they’re doing on behalf of our university.


    Gary S. May