AggieService Testimonials

AggieService Testimonials

Sara Reed, Director, Shared Services Center

“AggieService, in its first phase, will transform the customer service delivery model for human resources and payroll transactions at UC Davis. We hope to see future phases that can continue to evolve administrative services for our campus community. The end-to-end customer view, transparency between service providers, and the data gathering and reporting features support our vision for a 21st Century University. ”

Lisa Gaby, HR Manager, COE

“I’m looking forward to the reporting features and transparency available in the new AggieService. With our current tools, if a departmental employee is out of the office their transactions can get stuck in the process until they return. AggieService will allow our team members to better support our departmental users, each other, and our customers, by keeping transactions moving forward.”

Robin Tapia, HR Manager, DSS

“Before coming onboard with the initial implementation of the Shared Services Center’s AggieService solution, we had been looking to acquire our own ticketing system to support transactions. Implementing AggieService with the SSC should give us the enhanced features we expect from a ticketing system, and it positions us for successfully migrating to UC Path when the time comes.”

Andrey Furmuzan, Business Manager, Facilities

“At a minimum, I expect AggieService to enhance reporting capabilities for HR actions by providing more detailed status reports and workflows. Currently, a transaction can be ‘in progress’ for an extended period without any indication of who is working on it, or when we can expect an update. If AggieService enhances that transparency and communication, as I expect it will, it will be a welcome addition.”

Michelle Younger, Benefits Analyst, HR

“I expect that the information available to us through AggieService will help us better meet the needs of customers and departments. They won’t have to start from the beginning every time they contact a member of our benefits team. We will be able to view the relevant information within AggieService and anticipate their needs.”