Recruitment Resources for Student Affairs Officers

As part of the SAO competency project, the following resources were developed for departments initiating an MSO recruitment:

SAO Position Description Template (PDF)

The SAO Position Description Template was created using the six SAO competencies. Hiring authorities are encouraged to use this template as a guide in creating a new SAO position description or for modification purposes if one already exists. It is important to integrate specific information about each position as required (e.g., frequency percent of time, size and type of department funds, positions supervised, etc.).

SAO Interview Guide (PDF)

The SAO Interview Guide was designed for hiring authorities as a tool for interviewing and selecting SAOs. It is competency-based and built on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. The contents of this guide include the basic principles of competency-based interviewing, guidance on assessing candidates for selection, an interviewing matrix, interviewing tips and sample competency-based behavioral interview questions.