May 1, 2018

Karen Palmer
789 Orange Drive
Anytown, CA 95999

Mr. Jonathan Lee
Vice President
Acme Enterprises
2120 Dollar Road, Suite 707
Somewhere, CA 96888

Dear Mr. Lee,

With over ten years of experience in event management, I have a broad background in coordinating all aspect of both small scientific meetings and large conferences with over 500 participants.  I am interested in bringing my skills to Acme Enterprises to assist you in creating top quality events that highlight your products and services.

My management style is collaborative yet decisive and I have earned a reputation for working extremely well with event volunteers.  In addition, I am a skilled communicator who is able to negotiate favorable terms with hotels, airlines, caterers and other vendors.  In early 2010, I oversaw an international conference for the Society of Natural Resource Specialists, which had over 450 participants and received the best evaluations in the conference’s twelve-year history.

I would be grateful if you would take a brief call from me later this week to arrange a convenient time for us to discuss how I might contribute to Acme Enterprises.

Best regards,

Karen Palmer

Enclosure: Resume