Building on Strengths - Coffee Chat:

These sessions provide a space to learn more about talent and CliftonStrengths (Strengthsfinder) and how to apply them at work.  Each two hour workshop will be highly interactive, with facilitated discussions and activities to deepen your understanding of yourself and how you interact with others.  Join us for these sessions to become more intentional about focusing on what you do well and increase your potential for success.

Pre-requisite: All participants must have previously taken the CliftonStrengths/Strengthsfinder assessment AND attended an introductory Strengths workshop.  Participants will need to bring their Insight reports with them to each workshop.

(Note: Classes can be taken individually or as a series)


What about weaknesses?

Join us as we dive into blind spots and what the raw and mature versions of Strengths look like.  Increase awareness of how your Strengths can help you, when they may hinder you, and how you can work to get the best version of them in your daily interactions.  We will also cover some strategies of how to manage weaknesses.

Date | Time | Location 

April 24, 2020


Leading with Strengths

This quarter we will focus our discussion on strengths-based leadership.  Learn about the 4 basic needs of followers, and how you can use your unique talents to enhance your leadership efforts.

Date | Time | Location 

July 24, 2020
Webinar via Zoom


Talent x Investment = Strength!

Use your CliftonStrengths report to look at areas of goal setting and professional development.  We will explore ways we can feed our talents to keep them strong, and how we can work at our best every day.  During the session participants will create their own strengths-based action plan.

Date | Time | Location 

November 20, 2020
Hamilton Room, Heitman Staff Learning Center


Amy Shuman



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