Coffee Talk - Supporting UC Davis Students’ Transition to College

Course Description

Over the past two years we have piloted a short activity with incoming freshman and transfer students to support UC Davis students’ transition to college. This activity, based on the research of Yeager et al. (PNAS, 2016, E3341-E3348), provides incoming students a framework for normalizing common social and academic struggles associated with the transition to college.  By using first person experiences of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students, incoming students can begin to understand that many students worry about whether they will fit in and belong at the university and that over time almost all students are able to overcome these concerns and begin to feel at home on campus. In this Coffee Talk we will discuss the background research, the efforts at UC Davis to support students’ sense of belonging on campus, and tips and tools you can use in your everyday practice to help create a welcoming environment for our students.


Dr. Kali Trzesniewski
Dr. Susan Ebeler

Date | Time | Location 

November 29, 2018
Student Community Center, Room D


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