Cayuse SP and 424: Role Management 424 Professional Profiles and Routing

Role Managers are responsible for granting the relevant access to proposals, awards and subawards within their units, and are essential to successfully submitting and routing proposals in Cayuse SP.


 This class will provide training on the functions and responsibilities of Role Managers as well as information on the various roles and instructions on establishing roles (i.e., granting permissions) for their units. In addition to establishing roles, Role Manager should also have a firm understanding of the routing process in Cayuse SP. This class will provide detailed explanation of the routing process in Cayuse SP. Because Cayuse 424 Professional Profiles drive the profiles in Cayuse SP, this class will also cover Cayuse 424 Professional Profile. Prerequisites: 1. Recommend Electronic Research Administration, but not required .


Kassie Obelleiro
Majesta Ewing
Victoria Lynn

Date | Time | Location

December 20, 2019
260 Hoagland Hall


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