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Laurie Stillman is a Student Development Consultant who provides dynamic group and individual facilitation for members of higher education communities. Laurie develops and teaches courses and seminars for students, faculty and staff in the areas of multicultural competence, advising, leadership, professional development, and communication. Prior to private work, Laurie served UC Davis as Honors Counselor / Program Specialist for the Davis Honors Challenge, where she facilitated faculty and student development through teaching, training, curricula, and one-on-one advising, and as a departmental adviser working with both undergraduate and graduate students. She also served as a member of the UC Davis Diversity Trainers Institute and is a trainer for the LGBTI Speaker’s Bureau. Laurie studied college student development at Ohio University and public administration at James Madison University. Laurie’s professional background includes academic advising, orientation, social justice education, student staff supervision, leadership development, and residential education.