Portrait photo of Deborah Maddux

Deborah Maddux specializes in employment law and human resources management. Deborah is a licensed California attorney, a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), and a certified EEOC investigator. Drawing upon her extensive background, which includes experience as a litigator, advisor to a State Commission, in-house counsel, and now owner and manager of her own firm, Deborah has provided employment law services throughout California for nearly two decades. Deborah specializes in conducting investigations into claims of workplace misconduct, often involving complex facts, multiple claims, and politically-sensitive issues. She has provided legal advice in all aspects of Employment Law, including harassment, discrimination, retaliation and improper governmental activities. In addition to expert investigative services, Deborah provides consulting regarding optimal management practices, including one-on-one executive coaching; mediation and hearing officer services; and advice and counseling regarding employment law matters. She conducts frequent interactive training seminars on a variety of topics.