Timaree Hagenburger

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Timaree Hagenburger is a Registered Dietitian, with a Master's Degree in Public Health. She is a full-time nutrition professor at Cosumnes River College, a professional speaker working in corporate wellness and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She has regular segments on California Bountiful TV, writes a monthly column for the Lodi News Sentinel, manages her resource-rich website (www.thenutritionprofessor.com) and is the author of a new cookbook titled The Foodie Bar Way: One Meal, Lots of Options, Everyone’s Happy (www.foodiebars.com). Timaree cherishes opportunities to connect with those around her to share her knowledge and passion for food, cooking, physical activity and good health. Her style is a marked by a blend of fun and practicality, as she offers strategies and inspiration for finding pleasure in preparing and partaking in nourishing meals, because life is better when you ‘love the food that loves you back.’