Managing Performance at UC Davis - A Supervisor's Guide to Building a Productive and Satisfied Workforce

This course uses both lecture and case study participation to detail how supervisors can build credibility and a respectful workplace. 

Course Description

This half-day course is for those supervising staff. The afternoon will provide detailed training on creating a respectful work environment in a way that supports staff while holding them accountable. The first half of the course will cover:

  • Basic Employee Rights
  • Core Supervisory Skills
  • Performance Management (including both corrective action and discipline)
  • Barriers to Effective Supervision

This portion of the course will include detailed instruction on how to build supervisor credibility and a respectful workplace, as well as the specific policy requirements on how to properly issue corrective action and discipline.

The second half of the course is devoted to a case study where the participants collaborate to resolve multiple variations of a hypothetical staff performance management issue, with the intent that each participant learns from the collective discussion. Participants will also receive a list of resources for supervisors.

Please Note: This class does not satisfy the "Developing as a Supervisor Certificate" 


Steve Green

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