Writing for and Presenting to Executives

This course will help you feel comfortable with business writing, including drafting an executive report.

Course Description

Writing and presenting are unique skill-sets, each requiring competence in communication—and confidence. However, even people experienced in both can feel some dread knowing they’ll eventually be evaluated and questioned by an executive team.

During the course we’ll review business writing basics, like plain language and active/passive voice, and you will learn a process to give you consistent results every time. We’ll explore how to transform your writing into a concise, coherent, and clear presentation. We’ll also discuss best practices for presenting to executives, including knowing your audience, having a clear call to action, and avoiding annoying habits.

Everyone will draft an executive-ready document (Day 1) and present it to the class, receiving feedback (Day 2).

Date | Time | Location

November 19 and 20, 2019
Hamilton Room, Heitman Staff Learning Center

March 30 and 31, 2020
136 Hoagland Hall


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