Business Writing that Builds Relationships

 The one-day course will help you (1) recognize how to communicate in ways that build work relationships and (2) use specific methods to compose diplomatic, respectfully written messages.

Course Description

We’ll discuss and write emails and letters, applying relationship-building communication principles to routine situations and those that require special care and sensitivity.


You will learn:

  • Ways to add “heart” to your writing to build and maintain relationships
  • Risky email behaviors that lead to trouble
  • Strategies for writing powerful thank-yous that build relationships
  • How and why to write sincere, productive apologies
  • The importance of communicating bad news, rather than concealing it
  • The value of saying “no” clearly, and the necessary parts of the “no message”
  • How to use MS Word tools to ensure readability


Allison Horak

Date | Time | Location

August 8, 2022 
Virtual Instructor-Led Training 

March 14, 2023
Virtual Instructor-Led Training