Davis Campus employees are needed to work at UC Davis Health.  

Davis campus employees can support patient care by working part- or full-time in a non-clinical assignment at UC Davis Health.

  • At this time, only non-represented employees on the Davis campus may sign up. Represented employees who are interested in working at UC Davis Health should speak with their union.

While the Davis campus has suspended operations, UC Davis Health is in need of employees to fill various non-clinical assignments, ranging from answering phones to making meals.

Please talk to your supervisor and Sign Up for the Labor Pool if:

  • You are unable to work your full hours
  • Your efforts could be better used in supporting patient care

Full Compensation and Benefits

Davis campus employees assigned to non-clinical work at UC Davis Health will continue to receive their normal compensation and benefits.

The employee’s time will be charged to the Medical Center, not the employee’s home department.

How the Labor Pool Works

UC Davis Health uses a Labor Pool to organize and coordinate staff during incidents and events. Various non-clinical assignments will be available, ranging from answering phones to making meals.UC Davis Health departments assess their staffing levels, project future staffing needs and request additional staff from the labor pool. In response to COVID-19, the labor pool will be redeploying UC Davis Health employees and participating Davis campus employees to areas in need of additional staff. While staffing is adequate at this time, it is expected that additional staff will be needed at UC Davis Health in the coming weeks.

  • Employees reassigned to a care delivery setting will be able to wear surgical (ear loop) masks should they choose to, on the same basis that UC Davis Health employees are given that opportunity.
  • Employees will need to complete a health screening through Occupational Health on the Davis campus before being reassigned.
  • Employees will not need to undergo drug screenings.


Contact the Labor Pool at hs-laborpool@ucdavis.edu