Total Cash Compensation

All salary and other cash payments made to the employee or on behalf of the employee including but not limited to:

  • Annualized base salary (If the employee has a UC appointment at less than 100 percent with no other appointments at UC, the total compensation at that appointment rate will be used and not the conversion to derive a “full time equivalent” amount, e.g. at 100 percent..)
  • Maximum incentive plan payout potential (including Z component of HSCP, CEMRP, etc).
  • Actual bonus payments under general SRDP plan. If the payment is covered under an approved incentive plan, the maximum incentive potential should be used in the calculation.
  • The amount of Relocation Allowance scheduled for payment in the year of the proposed action. Please do not include the full amount if paid in installments over time.
  • Annualized stipend.
  • Auto allowance.
  • Senior Management Supplemental Benefit.
  • Other cash compensation.
  • Any other Health Science Compensation Program pay (HSCP-X and Y components)
  • Educational expense reimbursements or allowances

The categories not to be included in the calculation of total cash compensation are as follows:

  • Reimbursements for such items as moving expenses, house-hunting trips
  • Temporary Housing
  • Corporate board service
  • Payment in lieu of sabbatical leave or vacation leave.
  • Eligibility to participate in the UC Home Loan Program(s)
  • Compensation received for outside professional activities
  • Payment in lieu of sabbatical leave
  • Payment in lieu of vacation leave
  • Administrative Fund Allocation
  • Corporate Board Service (OPA approval requirements continue to apply)
  • General SRDP bonus potential