Personnel Records

There are three files for each staff employee: a payroll file located in Accounting & Financial Services, the central personnel file located in Human Resources, and a departmental personnel file located in the employee's department.

Access to these files is governed by state law and University policy, including Policy 80 and UCD Procedure 80 (for non-represented employees) and union contract articles on "Records" or "Personnel Files" (for employees represented by a union). The best summary of these documents is contained in UCD Policy & Procedure Manual 320-20: Privacy of and Access to Information.

The payroll file contains only those records that relate to the employee's paycheck. Click this link to view a list of the normative contents of the central and departmental personnel files.

Please note: Position Descriptions are maintained by Compensation Services, and are not kept with Employee & Labor Relations. For a copy of a Position Description, please contact Theresa Amaral at (530) 752-5311.

Employees may inspect their own central personnel file, supervisors may inspect the files of employees they supervise, and hiring authorities may inspect the files of employees who are being considered for their vacancies. The files may be viewed by appointment at the Human Resources Administration Building, located on Orchard Road, during business hours. For an appointment, telephone or e-mail:

Employee and Labor Relations
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 754-8892