Classification Analysis

Classification Analysis is a systematic process for obtaining important and relevant information about each distinct role played by one or more positions within an organizational unit. This information is used during the classification/reclassification process. This includes evaluating the duties and responsibilities of the job or role within the organization and comparing jobs on a whole-job basis by comparing them with predefined class specifications that are established for a series of job classes. Positions are placed in the classification that most closely fits the matching class specification.

A classification analysis is triggered in the following instances:

  • When a department receives funding in order to create a new position. The duties and responsibilities that are part of this new position are reviewed by a compensation analyst and are matched to the job specification that the position most closely matches.

  • When the duties and responsibilities for a position change significantly because of changes in a department's organizational structure and business requirements.

  • When a supervisor requests that a position be reviewed for update purposes.

  • When an employee requests that their position be reviewed for proper classification.